Welcome back! I hope that your Lenten journey is showing you that God loves us all!

We hope you have created some special spring break memories with your child, family and friends.

This month we will be focussing our learning on Holy Week, Easter, signs of spring, occupations and nutrition.

A few reminders:

  • We will continue our Lent projects and we hope that you are encouraging your child to be more helpful at home, i.e. giving them simple tasks, helping set the table, putting toys away, learning how to make a bed, will help. We will be preparing for Easter and making a special surprise to take home.
  • Please send/or wear jackets and weather appropriate footwear as we will be going outside to explore the signs of spring… come rain or shine!
  • If you have an occupation to share with us and would be willing to come into the classroom to talk about it or bring items in to look at, please see one of the teachers. (The children love to have their parents come into the class.) Some ideas are: mom with a new baby, medical professions, chef, etc.
  • Please continue to send a variety of healthy snacks for your children’s snack time. (You are already doing an excellent job of this… Thank you!) If I could ask one thing … please remember to cut the grapes and wieners. (They are a choking hazard.)

Please remember to tell your neighbours and friends that our registration is on-going. It’s always advisable to put children on a wait list, because people do move etc. and change does occur. We have a few spaces available.

Learning tip for the month:

Please be sure that you have a child safe pair of scissors at home and are giving your preschooler time to just randomly cut old flyers or paper. This is a skill that all children need time to practice.

We are continuing along with our early literacy skills, phonological awareness, and pre-printing skills.

Thank you … to our Playdough parents and to our laundry parents!

It will be exciting to watch this year’s 3-year-old class progress to the 4-year-old program. An incredible amount of learning takes place in the early years. For the 4-year-olds, it is still a long way off until they begin kindergarten, a word of caution … Please try not to talk about kindergarten too much as it is the unknown for them and they won’t have a true concept of time. It could be causing them unnecessary worry. Let’s enjoy them as preschoolers for as long as we can.

Easter blessings to you all!

Mme.Punchak & Mme.Li

Spring Garden Song

In my garden I dig, dig, dig

In my garden I dig it deep

I plant my seeds and I watch them grow

Then along comes a rabbit, “oh no!”

He eats my carrots, munch, munch, munch

He eats my carrots, he eats the whole bunch

I run to my garden and I shoo, shoo, shoo

But the rabbit will come back, “oh what should I do?”

Yes the rabbit will come back, “oh what should I do?”