Please join us for the last 45 minutes of your child’s class on June 13 th and June 14th, as we will be handing out the preschool certificates. We are proud of all the children’s learning and accomplishments that happened through out the preschool year. We wish our preschool graduates well as they transition on to Kindergarten in the fall time. They are more than ready to start their new adventure in education. We also look forward to seeing our returning students in the fall time! We will be meeting new friends as well as reacquainting with our old friends. The teachers are planning many new activities for the upcoming school year. We wish you all a safe summer! A huge thank you to the parents for ongoing help with the preschool. It has been a successful learning and fun filled year ! The last preschool classes are on June 15 th and June 16th. It is always hard to say our goodbyes. You are always in our prayers. Have a summer full of family fun! Blessings, Mme Punchak and Mme Li