Fall is here! You can feel it in the air. A special season to be thankful for all that we have. Our food drive for St.Vincent De Paul is coming on the October 3rd October 4th. Please bring canned food to help the families in need in our community. Once again, the Lord has richly blessed our ministry here working with your children. God continues to bless our preschool with Fr. Mark, Fr. Claude and sister Olive, dedicated staff and parish support.

We have a very busy month, so please check your calendar so that you don’t miss any of the fun events being planned and also it gives you a point of interest to talk about school with your child.

In October, we will be learning about signs of fall, harvest, Thanksgiving, change of weather and Halloween.

Please be aware that we are asking that all children coming to the preschool wear a mask. If you are having a difficult time with this we then suggest a face shield. Thank you for your cooperation as this helps to keep everyone safe.

At the end of preschool classes please be respectful of Fatima Elementary school and do not have your child stay and play on the playground as it’s distracting to the school students and teachers. You may go to Burns Park just up the street and play there. The principle has asked for your cooperation in this matter.

Thank you to the parents for supplying packaged healthy party food for the August and September birthday in class celebration.

Please mark your calendars:

Oct. 03 and 04– bring canned food for St. Vincent De Paul

Oct. 11 Thanksgiving day No preschool

Oct. 19 & 20 – October birthday celebration (Please  bring a food item to share. No homemade food allowed at this time. You are allowed to send in individually packed food items i.e. yogurt drink, cheese sting. Your child still needs to bring snack because they may not like the party food or there might not be any birthdays in their class.)

Oct. 15 – 4 year old class Laity Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. We are meeting at the pumpkin patch at 9:30am for the morning group and 12:30 for the afternoon group.

Oct. 22 – Provincial Pro-D Day. No preschool

Oct. 28 & 29– Costume Party ( please bring a food item, i.e. fruit cup in individual cups, orange and black food items. Be creative. No homemade food items allowed at this time. Must be individually packed.)

We are looking for volunteers to make play dough. If you are interested, please contact us. Thanks you!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Your preschool teachers,

Mme.Punchak & Mme.Li
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