Thank you to the Nowak family for producing this video clip for the preschool children. It is on a private link. It is a great memory and the children enjoyed watching it at the preschool. Enjoy!




Please enjoy this beautiful video that Linden’s dad, Mr.Nowak, made for us. Again, thank you very much to Mr. Nowak for making this video. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas🎄and a Happy and Safe New Year! 🎆


Please enjoy the video that Linden’s dad made for us! Thank you very much to Mr.Nowak for making this video. We watched it in class with the children and they really enjoyed it. We are sure that you wil also enjoy it and your children will want to watch it with you. Happy All Saints day to everyone!


IMG_1684 IMG_1683 IMG_1682


Dear parents, please enjoy this beautiful pumpkin patch video memory that Linden’s dad made for our preschool. It is a private link.